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  • Created By: Pamela Hennes
  • Posted: June 30, 2016
  • Updated: July 3, 2016
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In January 2016, Apex Clean Energy announced that it would spoil the beauty of the Cumberland Plateau; erecting 23 wind turbines more than 650' high. Research recently completed in the Cumberland County Register's Office indicates the origional 7,000 acres controlled by Apex Energy is more like 16,000 acres that includes land in 2 additional counties, making this area a possibility for one of the largest wind farms in the U.S.

TVA the source for electricity in TN has NO need for any power generated from the Crab Orchard Wind Farm. The Wind Industry i.e. Apex is the beneficiary of at least 5 major subsidies. 1. Federal Production Tax Credit. 2. Accelerated depreciation rules. 3. Federal Loan guarantees. 4. Renewable Energy Certificates. 5. State & local utility tax rebates. The construction of the wind farm in Crab Orchard is about $$$$ lots of it. Billions of dollars of wasteful federal taxpayer subsidies allow wind producers, in some markets, to give away wind power and still make a profit."

Fairfield Glade is a community next to Crab Orchard of over 1,800 homes, a Wyndam Time Share resort community incl. 14 golf courses; Crab Orchard/Crossville TN is known as the golf capital of Tennessee. 

There is a large population of combat veterans from multiple wars that reside in the "Glade" that will be forced from their homes once the bombing...I mean blasting starts on the Plateau...30' down for each turbine erected. We have 2 schools where students will be affected by infra sound along with an aging community with existing hearing issues. Please help us stop APEX...sign our petition, visit our web site and comment on our Facebook Page      Thank you for signing our petition.