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  • Marc Chinama
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    • Last updated April 19, 2015
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Basic Information

Basic Information

  • Created By: Marc Chinama
  • Posted: Mar 12, 2015
  • Last Updated: Apr 19, 2015
  • Comments: 3
  • Views: 225
  • Likes: 12
  • Followers: 3
  • Category: Travel
  • Location: Seattle, WA, United States  - Get Directions
  • Description: To create an platform where Alaska flight attendants can share thoughts, concerns and new ideas that will help take Alaska Airlines into the future. Express your feelings and don't worry about being judged. This is a place to let off some steam.

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Alaska Airlines Informative Discussions's Overview
Alaska Airlines strive to not only make our customers enjoy the Alaska culture, but we continue to improve relations with our employees.  Because we care and want to make our employees work experience the best possible, we created this group to help us make the necessary changes as we move into the future.  Here employees and employers can express themselves without any fear of retaliation.  We expect a great amount of respect on both sides.  We are looking for strong discussions on work relations along with great ideas that can not only improve management/workers relations, but improve service and customer relations.  Making the airline profitable is just not our only goal.  Making our workers happy is the real reward. 


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  • Location: Seattle, WA, United States - Get Directions
  • Formatted Address: Seattle, WA, USA
  • Street Address: Seattle
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