Beyond his impressive acceleration and speed,

However, if you're looking for a good striker with some length This is a great choice to Mbappe.

A lot of FIFA 23 Coins players may not be aware of how excellent this Korean star is particularly when it comes to his shooting capabilities.

Beyond his impressive acceleration and speed, his passing and dribbling capabilities are just as effective. Taking into consideration that he's an left-winger and has a left wing, he could be an excellent teammate and provide additional attacking capabilities.

His strength could be a bit stronger and he's got stamina for weeks, so keep your eye on him.Ronaldo and Messi have once been some of the fastest players in the league but because Lionel Messi has a short stature and is a bit short, only Cristiano Ronaldo can be regarded as a solid , long-lasting player.

This is likely to be Ronaldo's last year with FIFA's top-tier ratings Buy him now, in the event that you don't want his remarkable stats, then at least for his famous reputation.

If we're talking about actual drawbacks, then the only thing that Ronaldo is lacking in his game is his passing capabilities that should be improved.

Van Dijk is currently considered one of the top three center backs from FIFA 23. To achieve such a high profile isn't easy but with such strength, stamina, and overall defensive capabilities it is no surprise.

He may not be fast initially when running however once he is going , nothing can stop Van Dijk, making him a fantastic lengthy player.

Anyone who has had the chance to play him in their team league will tell they are a necessity as a defensive player. Salah is a tremendous right winger with one of the most prolific scoring goals for a single player's entire career.

Many FIFA 23 buy Coins players regard him as to be a far superior player than perhaps Lionel Messi, and would place him one notch higher on 91, based on his shooting speed, pace, and of course, dribbling. You should note that many of his goals can be easily scored in the outside of the box due to his immense control of the ball.