ntil 2K provides a badge that could contend with this

After some tests, I discovered those greats automatically have become coaches:

You may locate different gamers to apply for step 1, however those have been those who came about for me whenever. The fundamental issue right here is that the MT 2K23 a HOF-degree profession, that is why we wanted gamers like Julius Erving from the All-Time crew and now no longer the Julius Erving from the '76-'seventy seven Sixers. All-Time Erving may have his whole profession stats, which factor to a mythical profession. The traditional crew model simplest has his NBA profession up till that factor. '76-'seventy seven Erving may not retire a legend, and may not end up a instruct.

Step 2 – Player DNA

For this step, you will want to pick out any gamers you need to end up coaches. Edit any of the gamers indexed in the first step and import the DNA of any participant you need as a instruct. Make positive you import the arrival simplest and now no longer the attributes. For a few motive, it labored higher once I did not import the attributes regardless of the attributes having no effect at the profession stats.

Step three – Make Them Old And Bad

The simplest manner for a participant to end up a instruct in the sport is to retire, so that you want them to be at retirement age. There's an unusual malicious program wherein a number of the traditional gamers' a long time can not be edited withinside the brief edit menu, so that you'll want to completely edit their delivery years to cause them to round forty five.

You additionally do not need to have any CPU groups signal them, so that you'll want to decrease their rankings a chunk. This could additionally growth the probability that they do retire. At the cease of the primary season, take a look at the "retirements" web page and ensure they retired, so that you understand to search for them withinside the to be had group of workers the subsequent offseason.

Unfortunately, you do ought to wait a complete season for retired gamers to reveal up as loose agent coaches, so whoever making a decision to make a instruct may be to be had on the cease of your 2d season. Sometimes the gamers will now no longer retire on the cease of the primary season, so they may retire and end up coaches in waves.


Until 2K provides a badge that could contend with this (would not appear probably), that is the pleasant alternative we've. However, there are some minor aspect outcomes in case you try this.

The first is that you may simplest try this on the begin of your shop. Once you've got began your MyTEAM/MyNBA, the traditional groups are not gift for you to drag gamers from. This manner you will be restricted to the usage of the traditional gamers on the begin until you are prepared for anything participant you need to apply as a instruct to retire right away. You ought to perhaps attempt to make a number of the "legend" loose retailers more youthful so that they retire some years later, and strive the Player DNA step some years into your shop.

As stated above, to comply with the sport's good judgment, the gamers are getting coaches due to the fact that they'd mythical careers. So the second one downside is that after they retire and feature mythical stats, they'll end up contributors of the Hall of Fame. If you are satisfactory seeing CJ Watson or Brian Scalabrine grow to be as Hall of Famers, then this can paintings. The virtually true gamers you've got changed can even have their numbers retired in that call, so #21 is probably unavailable in Minnesota going ahead — however it changed into due to a person like Kelenna Azubuike in preference to KG. The workaround for the retired numbers is to apply a number of the gamers indexed in the first step whose numbers have already been retired.

Sometimes, if too many eligible gamers retire on the identical time, a number of them may not end up head coaches, so it would make experience to modify the a long time to Safe NBA 2K23 MT the retirements.