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Chain Fly Screen

  • Jan 9
    Chain fly screen is a very attractive, alternative fly screen for bars,
    restaurants, cafes and retail outlets, allowing easy access for both
    public staff whilst keeping private areas out of sight to unauthorised
    eyes.Aluminium Chain Fly Screens are equally suited for domestic and
    commercial use. They are easy to install and are available custom made
    to any size you want or in kit form for easy home assembly.To get more
    news about chain fly screen, you can visit official website.

    Chain curtain fly screens are made from anodised aluminium links that
    will not rust. Our chain curtains are available in silver, red, blue,
    green, black, gold and bronze. They remain a cheap alternative for
    screening domestic and commercial premises, providing excellent
    protection against flies, bees, wasps and flying insects.

    All our chain curtain fly screens are suitable for front and rear door
    openings on domestic premises. Individual lengths of aluminium chain
    hang down from a top track.

    Chain fly screen Features

    1.Chain Fly Screens are made from durable anodized aluminum;

    2.Chain Fly Screen made-to-measure chain fly screens are available in any size;

    3.It can be fitted internally or externally, can be easily removed and
    are quick and simple to install, needing only two or three screws.

    4. It can provide you with extra privacy as you can see out but it's difficult for people to see in.