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Wire Mesh Conveyor Belting Advantages

  • Jan 9
    Customer's request wire mesh conveyor belt materials based on overall
    belt strength, sanitary conditions that may require stainless vs. mild
    steel or aluminum mesh, and for the belt's versatility. To get more news
    about conveyor belt mesh, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

    Wire mesh belts are used in high temperature (baking, bakery and
    snack food conveying) or freezing temperature (frozen food conveying)

    We can actually incorporate metal detection systems on our steel mesh
    belts as we exchange plastic components/belting under the detectors for
    the length of the metal belt surveying unit.

    Flat Wire Mesh Conveyor belts are used in all industries because of
    their superior air/liquid flow through the belt. They can be
    manufactured in a wide range of specifications to suit most applications
    and special configurations are manufactured so as to meet individual
    customer requirements