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Design of a Manually Operated Egg Product Separating Machine

  • Jan 9
    An egg product separating machine is egg processing equipment that break
    eggs and separate their products (shell, yolk and albumen). In this
    study, the design of a manually operated egg product separating machine
    is presented. The egg product separating machine was designed to break
    nine eggs and separate their products (yolk, albumen and shell) at once.
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    Geometrical drafting of the machine which includes parts design (machine
    frame, knives, albumen collector, separator, egg holder, actuating
    handle), assembly and exploded view of the machine was done using
    computer aided design (CAD) software (Solidworks, 2016). Design steps
    for each part designed was well outlined and The performance results
    based on the ratio of number of properly broken eggs to that of the
    total eggs broken was obtained as 90.7 % with separation time average of
    20 seconds.The cost incurred in developing the machine was 71,000 Naira
    (₦) making it affordable for domestic use and for use by small scale
    food industries.