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Egg Processing Plant

  • Jan 9
    Eggs are an excellent food containing many essential nutrients &
    are a part of diet worldwide. The higher nutrients density of eggs
    relative to their calorie content makes them excellent food.To get more
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    SSP setup processing plants to produce egg powder. Eggs are taken
    from the cold storage weighed, washed and broken. Rotten eggs are
    removed by candling.

    For processing egg whites, efficient separation of egg whites from
    yolks is of great importance. Even a small amount of yolk oil in albumen
    greatly reduces the quality of the product. SSP's modern machines can
    achieve the limits of yolk oil in egg white to the extent of 0.02%. In
    the production process of whole-egg or egg-yolk powder, whole eggs or
    egg yolks are homogenized, filtered to remove membranes and fragments of
    shell pieces. It is then pasteurized for inactivation of most of the

    After pasteurization whole eggs (solids content 20 to 27%) or egg
    yolk (solids content 40 to 48%) are fed to a dryer. Final powder with a
    moisture content of 2 to 4% and bulk density of 0.3 to 0.35g/cm³ is
    packed suitably after cooling.