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  • Jan 8
    GKD metal meshes are produced on special wire weaving looms. As one
    of the most experienced manufacturers of metal mesh, we process a wide
    range of materials – always precisely tailored to the relevant
    requirements:To get more news about metal mesh fabric, you can visit official website.

    Furthermore, we process material combinations such as metal and
    plastic or metal and glass to form hybrid meshes. Depending on the
    material and weave type, these create porous media with a far greater
    range of application than textile weaves.

    Metal meshes also differ fundamentally from high-performance
    textiles: through mechanical strength, temperature resistance,
    conductivity, and the wide array of possibilities offered by metal
    processing. For use in the field of architecture, we also coat, paint,
    blast, anodize, and print metal mesh.

    All metal mesh applications are based on the fact that they are
    always porous media with precisely defined and reproducible pore sizes.
    They are therefore predestined for

    separation technology and filtration
    At the same time, the special metal mesh structures open up many
    possibilities for use in architecture: the combination of evenness,
    transparency, and visual appearance opens up many diverse, attractive
    opportunities for use.

    In addition to the unique visual effect of metal meshes, their
    functional advantages also impress in the field of architecture. Which
    is why GKD metal mesh is used as an air-permeable outer shell for
    parking garages or stadiums, for instance, and is equally impressive as