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Chain Link Curtain with Dual Function

  • Jan 8
    Fly screen is a necessary for doorways and windows in hot summer.
    Flies and wasps are unwelcome guests. It is not practical to close the
    door and the window all the day to keep these flying insects out. Chain
    link fly screen provides a perfect solution to this problem.To get more
    news about chain fly screen, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

    Its hook-hook construction is a barrier of flying insects not the
    barrier of fresh air and light. You can enjoy pleasant summer evenings
    in your room without disturbing by the flies, wasps, mosquitos and other
    flying insects.

    Silvery aluminum and colorful anodized aluminum are provided. Chain
    link doorway curtain can be designed many images such as a tree, a
    flower or a cup of coffee. Our skilled workers can help you achieve any
    designs you like.Chain link fly screen integrated with a track is very
    easy to install to any place. It can be used as temporary or permanent
    fly screen. in addition, aluminum is rust proof and will not lose its
    metal luster if the weather is wet and hot.