Apple HomeKit / Home Key Compatible Locks

  • September 5, 2022 2:04 AM EDT
    Apple HomeKit / Home Key Compatible Locks You know what Apple’s smart home strategy relies deeply on encouraging 3rd party hardware makers to adopt their platform. So, they introduced several new features to their iOS 15 software update as well as previous updates. Many top brands integrate with the Home app and your Apple devices. Apple announced its fantastic features with the iOS 15 iPhone software update and Apple Home Key is one of their new features to your Apple wallet. Also, Apple’s smart home strategy relies on encouraging 3rd party hardware makers. It is one of their methods to simplify the process of getting devices from different companies to work together seamlessly.To get more news about high security lock manufacturer, you can visit official website. Apple didn’t release an Apple Smart lock yet, but it promotes a smart lock that integrates with the Apple HomeKit and the Wallets Apps. They also promoted HomeKit enabled devices for smart home users. Let’s find out What are the Apple Home Key compatible Locks. Apple Home Key is a new feature of iOS 15 to your Smart Home. Now you will be able to unlock your door safely using an iPhone or Apple watch. And yeah! You can control your smart lock on your iPhone or Apple watch. All you need to have is the Apple HomeKit and Apple Home Key supported Locks. With this new feature, they have added a key for your doors to your Apple Wallet. It can recognize the best way to unlock your door with an iPhone using a digital key in the Apple wallet. It integrates with third-party gadgets using their Siri voice assistant. Sometimes you are wondering how the Apple Home Key works. Also, Home keys live in your Wallet app with other important items like your credit cards and car keys. There are several keys such as Home Key, Hotel Key, Office key, and car key in your Apple Wallet. You can use an Apple Watch or iPhone as a door key, all you want to do is a simple tap of your iPhone or Apple watch. Now relax! It will do a good job for you. Sometimes, you are in search of the best HomeKit compatible locks for 2022. So, we have listed some of the greatest options for you. It lets you lock/unlock your home remotely using your iPhone. Further, these door locks allow the user to control using Siri by integrating with the Home App. Recently, many companies integrated with Apple HomeKit like August, Yale, Kwikset, Eufy, VOCOlinc, and more. Here are the Best HomeKit enabled devices in 2021 and 2022. VOCOlinc Apple HomeKit Door Lock is uniquely designed with a touchscreen panel. This iPhone-controlled smart door lock works with newer iOS models like iOS 13, iOS 14, and iOS 15. Its LED-backlit touchscreen panel is very useful when there is no light. Don’t worry about replacing your deadbolt lock with the smart lock. It is easier than you imagine. So, don’t have to worry about losing keys or the spare keys anymore. Also, you have full control to grant selective access to others and you can give limited access to them. Do you want to enter your home within 0.3 seconds? Then, the Eufy Security iPhone door lock is a perfect choice for you. It has a fingerprint locking system. If you want to control your home security from anywhere using the Eufy Security App, you can connect it with Wi-Fi. It also has a built-in sensor so that it detects the status of your door and automatically locks it when you leave. There are three methods of locking and unlocking the door using a fingerprint, Security App, or Keypad pin code.