Enzyme Aojiru Green Juice Powder Drink Supplement

  • May 25, 2022 10:41 PM EDT
    HIKARI Japan 82 kinds Vegetable Enzyme Aojiru Green Juice Powder Drink Supplement

    Aojiru (green juicy) is one of the famous healthy supplement in local Japan. It contains a high solubility of dietary fibers, plus other natural ingredients for maintenance of a healthy digestive system as well as anti-constipation. A good alternative source for those who can't absorb adequate ingredients from vegetables every day.Get more news about Vegetable Enzyme Powder,you can vist our website!

    An easy-to-drink green juice made with 82 kinds of vegetables including barley young leaves and concentrated juice extract, and contains plant lactic acid bacteria and bamboo charcoal. 16 kinds of fruit powder are mixed to give a tropical fruit taste.

    Bamboo charcoal helps absorb the waste products accumulated in the intestines and discharge them to the outside of the body. It is said to improve the intestinal environment and be expected to improve constipation and detoxify.
    Indigestible dextrin (domestic production), barley young leaf powder, glucose, fruit juice mixed powder (maltodextrin, apple, pear, grapefruit, passion fruit, lemon, red grape, strawberry , Pineapple, Mango, Litchi, Orange, Kiwi Fruit, Thigh, Blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry), Black Vinegar, Fermented Plant Extract, Bamboo Charcoal Powder, Vegetable Lactobacillus / Fragrance, Sweetener (Sucralose)
  • June 27, 2022 5:51 AM EDT
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