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​Tricks Consistently Used in Pyramid Schemes!

  • May 28
    All of you may have heard of pyramid schemes, the essence of which
    refers to multilevel marketing (MLM). Scams in this category that have
    been disclosed include IGOFX, PTFX, and Starfish, causing investors
    severe losses. Old tricks repetitively used in this regard are presented
    as follows:To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.

      1. Renting luxury offices

      Forex brokers conducting pyramid schemes generally operate their
    businesses in CBD, aiming to testify their strengths and capabilities.
    However, luxury offices they claim to own may well be rented by them in
    fact, conducive to fraud carried out by them amid a short-term lease.

      2. Fabricating background information

      Forging to be competitive, swindlers may pretend to be local presences
    of overseas forex brokers, authorized by governments and relevant
    regulators. Traders can verify this information by directly contacting
    involved overseas institutes or authorities.

      3. Acting as CEO

      Basically, every pyramid scheme is equipped with a CEO who boasts
    experience in Wall Street even photos with heavyweights whereas the
    reality is that the so-called CEO is played by an actor/actress, and the
    aforementioned photos are available just for a certain amount of money.

      4. Being hypocritical

      Under the guise of charities, scammers claim to impart knowledge of
    being rich to people and call on them to spread, a way to take advantage
    of their kindness and greed with an aim of luring them to MLM in the
    name of direct sales.

      Please distinguish these ‘charities’ from investment and prudently verify the qualifications of forex platforms!