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  • Part of the reason for the movement's reliability and accuracy lay in its design: the design and layout of the plates was quite different from what other manufacturers were offering at the time. Instead of a "miniaturized pocket shop replica watches movement" architecture exhibited in contemporary calibers like the IWC cal. 83, the Omega movement looks almost brutish in its simplicity, with large and functionally finished plates and wheels. The caliber is so elegantly designed that watchmakers apparently still compliment its ease of assembly and durability. Truth be told, it is unfortunate that these watches are getting rarer and rarer to find due to their age. Let us not forget that the oldest of these movements are 70-80 years old. Serviced examples in good working condition are even rarer, as the parts needed to make the repairs are becoming more and more difficult to source. Luckily, Vintage Portfolio has quite a large stock of these highly collectible "Jumbo" style manual-wind calatrava dress pieces.
  • 7/20/21 at 1:00 AM -
    1/21/22 at 1:00 AM
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