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  • The Madden franchise has frequently been criticized for failing to keep up with the demands of its annual release schedule. Despite consistently being one of the best sports games available, one of the many jokes made about sports games in general is that they usually end up feeling like more of the same rather than a completely new product. This was the case with Madden NFL 21, which was also one of the franchise's weaker modern entries.

    When it comes to Madden NFL 22, EA Sports is hoping to buck the trend. In addition to major overhauls to fan-favorite modes, more realistic implementations to bring players closer to the game, and the inclusion of even more dynamic gameday experiences, the developer has high expectations for the introduction of a brand new Madden experience.

    Through the years, the developers at EA Sports have attempted to capture the realism and feel of a real football game in Madden. It hopes to get the closest it has ever been in Madden NFL 22 thanks to a feature known as Dynamic Gameday. This new feature has an impact on nearly every aspect of the Madden NFL 22 game.
    Much like its name implies, Dynamic Gameday features assist in determining a wide range of events that take place during a given game. Each of the three core components of the feature — Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum, and Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI — is designed to make things feel even more realistic.

    Next Gen Stats, which were first introduced in the Madden NFL 21 Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of the game, are a real-life tool that the NFL employs to help break down the game of football. Next Generation Stats, which use real-world data such as speed, separation, and angles on routes and passes, assist in providing information about every team and player in the league. It does so in a much more intricate manner in Madden NFL 22, which takes the data and applies it directly to the AI behavior of the players on the field.
    Additionally, in addition to providing you with more information on how certain teams play, the Star-Driven AI will have an impact on how the non-player-controlled football players perform on the field. More quickly closing gaps will be possible for smaller, faster linebackers, while bigger, bruising hitters will have to compensate for their lack of speed by landing some intimidating hits on their opponents. As a result of these efforts, EA Sports hopes to deliver a much more immersive and authentic single-player experience, with the ultimate objective of having each of the 32 NFL teams perform significantly better than they did in real life.
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    12/31/21 at 1:00 AM
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