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  • What hands should I wear my rings on as a female? Before departure to this, however, we want to speak about some general principles that exist about jewelry and the ways of wearing it. 1 thing you need to understand is that oval and kind of stretched rings look more elegant and visually create the palms longer and cuter.Those women, who are not tall and who have short fingers, should avoid wearing large rings with big jewels. If your fingers are small and thin you should think about getting smaller and lighter alternatives. One thing that you should take into consideration is the fact that it's not recognized to wear big and catchy rings until 5 o'clock in the evening if that's not simple bijou but pricey jewelry. In order to have good looks you need to pay attention to having fingers and nails, which may be done using hand creams and taking care of the nails properly.
  • 9/1/20 at 1:00 AM -
    5/31/24 at 1:00 AM
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