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  • The current gen version that is new is gont be crap but they will still milk at $60 out of all of the people who can not afford the series away. The fact you need to get it or find the legend variant is whack. I am gonna want to play with 2K21 on current gen once it drops sep 4th but would I wanna grind my participant if it is gonna be wholly different from next gen. Way to flip a shit match to much more of a garbage dumpster fire. They should make it so you must swipe your credit card any time you turn on your console. This company was crap forever return to skill points rather than that vc trash causing people to spend 100s of dollars rather than playing with the game.

    So this year if I'm buying the console, do I want to purchase the 8 version or the 24 version? That part is perplexing. 24 is legend edition for PS5/XBXSX and you also get Dame copy for last gen. If you buy the 8 variant you get legend variant for Ps4/ XBX1 and Zion for next gen. But that's perplexing to me because when does it actually release...if I'm buying bodily, would I not be able to play with NBA 2K together with the mamba perks until it comes out?

    I do not plan on getting Series X right away (my One operates just fine right now), will that affect my 2K experience at all? I noticed you said 2K was marketing them as two matches, but are there any significant gap for next gen? I don't see a point in purchasing the new console straight away so I was only gonna find the standard edition on current gen. would you know when 2K22 (not a typo) will be backward compatible? Probably more of a question for your Xbox sub but I'm not sure if 2K is shit of a company to force you to purchase the next gen system to perform NBA 2K. Which should not be a issue if I get 22. If One players can be with Series X players, Have you any idea? By way of example my friend gets an X and if I stay with the One, will we be able to perform together?

    Current-gen and next-gen are entirely games. Major features are next-gen only. As their advertising phrase goes, it is"built from the floor up" almost literally. 2K continued to create them but each year it had been just a roster update to 2K13 some changes, if you look at 2K15 and 2K14 for precedent. Xbox One cannot run the next-gen game and cannot play with Xbox Series X. Xbox collection X can conduct the current-gen game via backwards compatibility and play that with Xbox One. Do you know what these"major new features" are? When I don't really need it don't wan na feel like I am missing out whether I wan na na invest $500 within an X, but I don't know.

    I have been a hard sporting gaming fan for a very long time. With real sports stopping half way I really don't see 2K, The Show, and Madden can even coming out using 2021 games. Gamers stats can't be even updated by them based on real life sports. I am aware this month that NBA and MLB are coming back but how the pandamic is currently moving I do not forsee it really being completely in the way that they think it will. Even with the NFL currently cutting 2 pre season games that I do not believe they'll really have a season. 2K and all the other popular sports gambling companies need to come with regards to earning NBA 2K for 2021 isn't realistic.

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  • 8/8/20 at 1:00 AM -
    8/31/20 at 1:00 AM
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