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  • I am going after it just and too hit on 750 cards and I have barely touched the present Series 1 and 2 cards. I did buy NBA 2K throughout the sales. Not worth it bro. I began playing a day following the NBA shut down. I had been at 1200 cards like playing with and grab opal players and I'm beginning to market everything I. Looks like we are in the exact same position. Very good luck on the grind. I have tons of challenges to perform for cards and am on the Diamond tier in Gains. I pulled some shit on the money when I get close I'd sell them for MT that is sufficient to get the remaining cards and I have spent I need.

    Probably going to be following 2K21 comes out. While the cards can be found in the market house I have been doing mostly spotlight string. Spotlight show 1 seems impossible now as the cards are costly. Im 1 amethyst player away from diamond at the rewards. Do not go for collector degree at this point. Save MT and purchase players you enjoy losing. I recommend Diamond Jay Williams who evolves into PD with 3 3PM at NBA 2K (so simple ) and his release is butter. Various ones. They will not even permit you to add your own collection and copies. Play Domination as that's a great deal of cards. Keep a watch on the locker codes currently active.

    So I will provide you my input, because I'm trying for it. I began around March, and that I think the 6-7 mil is pretty close. I'm estimating becoming about 100 more"free" cards from single player challenges. If I estimate each card costing me about 3k, that is 2.7 mil to go. Evidently, for less whatever I could get will help. But as you go, it is going to be much harder and more difficult to find cards. I suggest beginning with jerseys and balls. A lot of people opt for 350-400 MT. I frankly don't know whether I'll get there, but now, I am too much in to stop. Very good luck should you go for it. It is a ridiculous grind.

    I downloaded NBA 2K as soon as I heard NBA shut down and I'm at 1200 cards ( I don't grind too much) but I began selling all of my cards yesterday. Much rather catch opals I enjoy using. I would have to put too much time although GOAT was achievable. When 2K21 comes out and people move on is there an influx of people dumping cards and teams to get cheap around the AH? That is a good question. I hope so! Lol this is my first year getting into MTA.Is to have two players in one career. Something like high school buddies who come into the league. Let us you have two my players at once, which means you've got two builds. Then a slightly branching story depending on if there on the same group (Orange juice type of chemistry and changing ) or move opposite ways (Jackson Ellis). Could utilize NBA/WNBA. Outside of a story to set up that, save the narrative components for the prelude. In season let me hoop. I like the locker room dialogue and the interviews but it comes repetitive. If I could get to my next match I would be more invested.

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  • 8/4/20 at 4:30 AM -
    8/31/20 at 1:00 AM
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